Product Selection

“It’s about having the ‘right’ products and providing a quality and service level that allows our customers to focus on the things that drive their success.” Brian Smith – VP of Merchandising & Marketing

When we talk about the good things that come from Sysco, we are often referring to the unsurpassed selection of quality products we offer, from exquisitely marbled steaks and fresh, crisp lettuce to creamy soups, spicy salsas, and organic coffees. Whatever your foodservice business needs, Sysco can provide it.


Meats, poultry, seafood–Sysco Intermountain has a vast range of “center-of-the-plate” options. From hand cut steaks, dry aged beef, all natural beef, and chicken items to the finest wagyu beef and fresh seafood Sysco Intermountain can meet your every need. You can count on first-rate quality: All our meat and poultry products conform to the guidelines set by the USDA, and we carefully monitor our seafood suppliers to improve sustainability practices.


Sysco Intermountain was selected by Certified Angus Beef® to be its supplier of choice in the Intermountain region. Only 1 in 4 Angus cattle meets the highest standards to become the Certified Angus Beef® brand, making it Angus beef at its best®.


We are able to source fresh seafood from our local supplier, Great American Seafood. This provider receives product daily by air and freight, which is then hand cut at their facility and delivered daily. We also offer a large selection of Portico Frozen Seafood: A simple promise: “A pound is a pound and what it says is in the box is in the box.” All Portico seafood is inspected by our QA team.


As the largest produce supplier in the Intermountain West, we are able to offer a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which are seasonally grown right here on area farms. Choose between whole produce and pre-sliced and pre-washed products for optimal convenience.


Anything you might keep in a pantry is readily available, such as cereals, chips, crackers, flour, condiments, pasta, spices and bottled drinks.


Sysco Intermountain is your go-to resource for an extraordinary variety of cheeses, yogurts, milk, butter and more.


Sysco Brand products are positioned within four distinct levels to meet our customers needs for both quality and value at a range of price points. Sysco Brand products compare favorably with other leading foodservice products and always come backed by Sysco Brand quality assurance. No matter what level works for you, the Sysco Brand Promise guarantees each and every product will exceed standard quality and value found in the market.


Sysco International Specialties offers a wide range of ethnic and classic specialty food products. All of our Sysco Branded International products are Quality-Assured to the highest standards to ensure that you will always receive consistent, high-quality foods. European Imports offers a diverse selection of products available on demand status, order one week out.


We are committed to local farming initiatives and work closely with small farms and local producers to make their high-quality products accessible to our customers.


From cookware and office supplies to uniforms and industrial kitchens, we’ve got you covered with, the private supplies and equipment website for Sysco and its customers.

With over 12,000 different stocked items to choose from, Sysco Intermountain has everything you need–and more.

In an effort to support you, our communities and the environment, our commitment is to supply the best in quality while incorporating sustainable business practices. Whether it’s foods that require minimum preparation, classic American flavors or artisan delights that “wow” your customers, we bring the best products that capture the hearts and appetites of your patrons.