Weekly Produce Report

Brix Analysis form the QA Department

ItemSUPCPack/SizeActual Brix %Range
Red Grape20119221/18 lb.18.1%12-22%
Green Grape16540371/18 lb.16.4%12-22%
Honeydew10005381/6 ct.12.4%8-12%
Cantaloupe100074181/12 ct.10.2%8-14%
Crownless Pineapple031372651/6-8 ct.12.2%12-20%
Strawberries21062922/4 lb.6.4%6-14%

1) Brix testing is used in the food industry to measure the approximate amount of sugars in fruits, vegetables, and juices. Sugar content usually correlates to perceived sweetness. (Brix range is used only as a guideline due to the many different areas that fruit are grown).

2) Brix % represents the approximate sugar content of the fruit. The higher % = sweeter fruit.